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BP has perfected our innovative formulation – based on patented technology – to produce BP Ultimate Diesel, our best ever dirt-busting diesel fuel. In fact, BP Ultimate Diesel can bust the dirt in your engine in just 2 tanks! Restore the performance of your engine and go cleaner, smoother, further, with BP Ultimate Diesel. sulphur content distillate fuel. BP Ultimate Diesel 50 has been, formulated to include an exclusive additive package that enhances the characteristics of the fuel. BP Ultimate Diesel 50 is designed to deliver a unique combination of enhanced engine performance and reduced exhaust emissions. Reliable The BP Fuels Guarantee is more than just a statement. In the unlikely event that you experience fuel-system trouble due to the use of Amoco Ultimate ®, BP Silver ® mid-grade, BP Regular or BP Diesel®, we’ll reimburse you for the repairs. 30/04/2010 · BP Ultimate Diesel 10ppm sulphurhas a guaranteed cetane rating minimum of 50 The ULS 10ppm sulphur Diesel has a guaranteed cetane rating minimum of 48 BP claims typical cetane of 55-60 for ultimate compared to typical of 51 for normal. Theoretically, higher cetane ratings alter combustion and are meant to result in reduced diesel clatter.

19/05/2006 · This big difference in cetane quality means that BP Ultimate Diesel actually burns better than ordinary diesel so you can expect your engine to deliver improved performance and better fuel economy, while producing fewer emissions. BP Ultimate Diesel - 10k Review. Application: A diesel fuel containing a performance additive. Not for Aviation use. This fuel complies with the requirements of Fuels Quality Standards Act 2000fuel standard diesel determination 2001 as amended from time to time. It meets the requirements of BS EN 590 and ASTM D975 for lubricity and AS3570 of 1998 for cloud point. 15/03/2010 · Ive always used bp ultimate diesel with my 123d. Not for performance gains but the quality of the fuel. Ive seen and repaired many m47 and m57 BMW engines that have coked up inlet manifolds and cylinder heads with poor quality fuels being the main cause being identified by BMW along with slow/short/stop start journeys.

27/05/2001 · I have a new TDI, and have been filling up at a BP near me. I asked the manager the cetane rating of the fuel, and got a blank stare. I then called BP's customer care number, and was told that BP diesel is 50 cetane. My local BP is flogging it at 4p a litre more than normal diesel so now on my 2nd tankful in a 10 year old van. stick in some very high cetane product gtl then remap. Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen gas to liquid / Fischer trops. The topic ‘Shell V Power or BP Ultimate diesel fuel, does it make any difference?’ is closed to new. 23/04/2017 · BP Ultimate Diesel has a higher cetane index than Shell, resulting in a slightly shorter ignition lag which means slightly smoother combustion, slightly less noise and a cleaner burn. Slightly is the key word though. Maybe not even noticeable. User 3798 4963 posts. Ionic Maximus Feldspar. BP ULTIMATE DIESEL TEST UNIT LIMIT TYPICAL METHOD Conductivity pS/m 50 min 100 ASTM D 2624 Energy per unit mass Energy per unit volume MJ/kg MJ/L 45.6 38.0 BS 2869 Filter blocking tendency 2.0 max 1.01 IP 387 Notes 1 includes a lubricity additive 2 includes a detergent additive to clean fouled injectors 3 includes an additive to protect.

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